Spray Tan Aftercare

1. The longest-lasting tan starts before you get to the salon.

This means getting your skin in the best possible condition prior to treatment, since the better its condition, the better and longer lasting your tan will be. Ideally the sooner you begin to exfoiliate the better and a few days ahead is good but not necessary since we have found most people have success with tanning with simply bathing, keeping skin dry/no creams and coming right on in for that sun kissed glow!  

2. Arrive to the salon cleaned and buffed.

Try to shower and exfoliate prior to new application. This will allow the skin to settle and be at its best pH balance level for self-tan development. Avoid putting heavy body lotions on the day of your treatment, as this can lighten the self-tan.

3. Wear loose clothing and pedicure-friendly shoes.

4. Use wipes to remove deodorant, foundation, and lotion (eye makeup is okay), since that barrier could mean uneven color—specifically, white pits.

7. Shower the right way.

For the first shower after your tan, it's always best to use water that's lukewarm and not too hot. Avoid shower gels that leave residue behind on the skin—your first clue is that the product touts itself as "deeply moisturizing." The residue from the moisturizer can degrade the life of your tan. Basic, baby or natural products are best.

8. Moisturizing

Proper hydration is what will make your glow last, but an oil-rich formula will make it slip right off. Use a very basic lotion that isn't oil-based, and moisturize in the shower or right after.

9. Face and hands

A good spray tan should last for five to 10 days, however the face and hands will fade the quickest (due to heavy duty cleansing and washing) so invest in a good self-tan for the face. Face self-tanners are also a perfect way to touch up the hands as they are lighter in formulation than body products; you won't need to worry about them developing too darkly. Just make sure you wipe your palms and nails with a cleansing wipe after application to avoid buildup and residue in those places.

10. Sweat

Heavy exercise, sweating, sunscreen, and chlorine can really deplete the life of your tan, so after the gym, beach, or pool, you can apply a gradual tan moisturizer.

11. Exfoliate to avoid blotchiness.

Don't worry about rubbing the tan away—light exfoliation is the best way to ensure the tan is always fading evenly and no color gets built up in undesired areas. Use an exfoliating product every two to three days, though aim for a gentle formula: A salt scrub or oatmeal scrub can sometimes be too harsh and make the tan patch.

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